little minx's diary: the day, the night.




2000 to 2002
two years of urban mischief

the rest of 2002
july, august, and september

october dream about aaron, met the admirer, delinquent internet crush, jennie poem, i hate starlight, consumate formalist, kissed the admirer, in milano
november reading queer, grappe, jackass, talking to aaron, massive anti-war, all of my mistakes
december aaron and i sit, knee deep, because, head on a pillow, 101 seconds, aaron knows what i want, sass-mode

january love is submission, aaron and i walk, time spirals, infertility dream, my first time, tommyslim, étude à ipod
february state of mind, imperfect talking against war, gifted talking, eight hours in venezia, hopeless
march last night after dinner, visual offering going and coming, punt and ruck, aaron asks where i went
april suddenly just returned, coming home after practice, blood or barbeque, my dad, togethered-strangers
may five principles, little power, charette sadness, two cigarettes for looking
june our little constructions stay here, with a little pride
july quiet july 4, since feeling is first, a few words, late to the afternoon and squinting, and the best fucking coffee
august what are friends, top for tackle 1, whole sick crew, top for tackle 2, and thirty minutes into a blackout
september the phenomenal difference between happy and content, secret blog, your courage, first tackle of the season
october aaron takes me upstairs, little love notes, i cannot imagine
november beyond dating, hospital pass, no one to broadcast, my-man
december one note samba, four camera-phone notes, deleting entry 79, home

january states of the beautiful people future and the dog
february a tiny bit of force over a really long time, the email song, aaron and i in england
march aaron and i in miami, coached
april the quiet house, things i learned in las vegas
may a stand with ninja-mind, connected to the present, fluid
june money lost all meaning at DTPM, the eric bana is hot haiku, me on a cover, speak good of the dead, and good
july breaktime, and good
august aaron shows me how to love others by taking off his clothes
september new times architecture critic, and rugby notes
october notes from 1987, fabulous when you die, and a few bars.
november tokyo understands me perfectly, and MOMA.
december talking to Kenny, Buddha, my old things, Susan Sontag, and my measurable results for 2004.

january my wiggling ass having fun, early in Manhattan, and then Jennie, and then Manhattan again.
february the reverb for emphasis, the charger, the childlike respect, the bull, blog phases, and other people's entries.
march opera in a living room, jake/juan, the gym, galahad said that, and the holy trinity of production devices.
april muscle bookmark, mies smash, giving me a dollar, and power weekend in anguilla.
may welsh peep, hoth as history, laurie anderson's props to the terriers, aaron's strange schedule.
june blackberry blogging tidbits, and take ecstasy with me.
july why i lost interest after the next generation, the third reminder, during weekends without the co-fiend.
august the part of me that doesn't think just begins to cry, except when it's our song and hanging with the divine.
september rocco right, the future is right in front of you, four stages of bottoming, Tropolism launches, in the hood.
october snaxx is not all that, completing something, Kimble steps up, three entries that mention Oliver.
november getting to the theater on time, living through death, the hottest man in Manhattan, Kimble's favorite toys.
december the story of biceps, gifts I have received since September, I love it when you're inside me.

january so much to give, around a campfire, never to be repaid, not dawdling, making out, my days blossoming.
february the rollerskating birthday, my little guy plays, goonies reprezent, and erik larkin for oliver. before a new home.

ps all work in this domain is copyright chad the minx.