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10:47 PM *
I can't believe I just did what I did. I left you with a friend. A trusted and wonderful friend, so I know you will be in good hands. But I feel like I abandoned you. You're my little guy. You and I haven't been apart for more than a few hours since you came to live with me, because you depend on me for food, walking, treats, and firm but gentle guidance in the matters of sit, down, and go-poop. Now, when I come home, the empty play pen taking up precious floor space in my studio apartment, I think I love the space you take up in my life. I'll hurry home, little one.


12:59 PM *

Like Eric Larkin, if you meet an unstoppable opponent, you must be unstoppable too. Otherwise, defeat is certain. Being unstoppable, in the face of fear and adversity, makes success possible. And sweaty armpits and black eyes and locker room nudity.

From My French Boyfriend

For Oliver.


3:02 PM *
From my correspondance today, with Jonno:

i'm totally not minding winter this year!
bought a great coat!
love my goonies hood


12:12 PM *

Saturday and Sunday, I took the little guy to the dog run near my place. In the morning, after a night and morning of very satisfying sex, I said goodbye to my sexy friend, walked Kimble (if he's not out peeing by 7AM, he will simply pee in his crate), and came back inside to take a nap. I let Kimble in the bed with me (he's sleeping in his crate until he's a year old, to prevent him from relating to my bed as his royal seat of power), and he and I took a cozy, dog-loves-his-daddy nap for three hours. We woke up, had lunch, and walked to the dog run.

There, he proceeded to play-attack every dog. He barked loudly, something I discourage at home. He ran like the dickens, tongue rolling and his little fluffy body blurring around and around the park, every dog chasing him. The bigger dogs caught him, and wrestled him to the ground. For the first time, he was scared, tail between legs, and he ran under a park bench. Then, he started the whole affair over again. For the first time since he came to live with me, I felt like a proud parent, a father. My little family had formed, and was panting, leaping, happy.


4:22 PM *
From my correspondance today:


I had a LOT of fun last night!! What a great time. Thank you for creating such a great evening. The cast of characters, the setting, the pizza, everything was perfect. Also, your peeps are adorable. Particularly M2. I hope things work out for you two...he seems to like you.

What I particularly adore about you, and the reason I wanted to be your friend from the moment I met you, is that you can create an uber-fabulous setting, and somehow remain one of the gang, focused on having fun along with everyone else. You were not the Center Of Attention, even though it was your birthday, and you didn't even take the host's spotlight for a little while. It's a very elegant part of your personality, and something I admire.

I never liked Beyonce's song 'Crazy Right Now' or whatever it's called until I had two beers and was rollerskating to the extra-long dance version really fast while on a crowded Roxy roller rink, trying not to get killed by anyone.

Dave, that hunky musician with the big biceps we hung out with a couple of Sundays ago, was very flirty with me last night. I thought he was a big loser for not getting skates and trying to look cool about it, and I told him so. I continued to mercilessly slam him, because he liked it and was totally trying to get into my pants. For instance, he said "I'm trying to get skates", which made no sense, because he was just sitting at the bar having a drink, and I told him he didn't look like he was trying at all...trying is standing in line waiting for skates. Anyway, I saw him on my way out. I said goodbye, and he unexpectedly grabbed my neck and gave me a big kiss. Very cute.

May I consult you for my extra-fabulous 35th Birthday party this August? I've never had a cool and FUN birthday party...and last year's, while wildly decadent-expensive, was kind of ruined by events shortly thereafter, leaving my guests a little addled the next morning. I need to make up for that. But more importantly having FUN. Without being the center.

Big hug, kiss, and ass grab.



4:17 PM *
From my correspondance, today.

9:02AM, from a blogger we all know and love:
Ya. Trust, I'd do ya and follow ya around town.


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