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3:33 PM *
You used to slide down the carpeted stairs
or down the bannister
you stuttered like a kaleidoscope
'cause you knew too many words
you used to make ginger bread houses
we used to have taffy pulls

Take ecstasy with me, baby
take ecstasy with me.

You had a black snowmobile
we drove out under the northern lights
a vodka bottle gave you those raccoon eyes
we got beat up just for holding hands

Take ecstasy with me, baby
take ecstasy with me.

(for Scott, and his first hit of X)


6:32 PM *

Seen just now: a black woman in her mid 50s wearing a blue skirt, a white blouse, Uncle Sam's top hat, and a white beard, held to her face with a small elastic thread. She had a blue purse and a red purse. We crossed Seventh Avenue, at 28th street, together.


10:05 AM *
The new amendment, drafted by a coalition of conservative groups led by the Massachusetts Family Institute, would generate some unusual consequences. It would not, for example, require that same-sex marriages that have already taken place be dissolved or invalidated.

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, said his group had decided not to require that because "the homosexual marriages that occurred happened because of a flawed decision" made by judges, and "it's unfair to penalize those people for a bad decision made by the courts."

all i can say is y'alls is fucked up. by proposing this solution, because you say it is fair, you expose yourselves as nothing more than petty liars. you don't really think gays being married is unfair, because you're willing to accept it under certain circumstances. you're faking it. you know it's wrong that gays cannot be married, and you're faking it. so what's really going on? i'm curious if you can give an answer to that without mentioning religious stuff, or myths of relationship ideals that never existed in the first place.


6:55 PM *
Eleven years after moving here, and I still get a thrill when I put New York, NY on an envelope.


5:41 PM *
sorry, no frozen-beverage blog entry today. except this apophasis.


12:20 PM *

(I love blogging from my tmobile blackberry 7230)


12:19 PM *

Seen at the Jamba Juice store, just now, on their blender covers (on the employee side, upside down to me, when the cover was up):

“Witness the whirl”

I couldn't agree more.


6:51 PM *

As seen in chinatown, just now:

“Taste the pearl, feel the summer”.

I couldn't agree more.


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