two years of urban mischief
the day, the night 2000 to 2002

may only two entries here, but they were from new orleans.
june week 9-12, westside piers, bobbie again, mermaid parade.
july miralles dies, farm entries, mom finds blog.
august jonno in new york, met hot-and-cold, august boredom.
september hot gay threesome, television likes, saw wilco in concert.
october why troy doesn't read, first straight strip club columbus, why i'm too busy, first circuit party.
november olafur show opens, meet L, thanksgiving college crush trio.
december why i love jonno, first internet friend for real, holiday parties home for them too, another trip to new orleans.

january met david j, jonno and richard in nyc, david j in nyc, bought the camera, took it to florida.
february san fran, seasonal affective disorder, my personal relationship to digital photography in four parts.
march extreme winter malaise, how to look sad in pictures, how to write about a non-end, proust/cruise/vermeer.
april dudley sings, why i'm too you-know-what, pixies/gym entry,
may registered professional, gordon matta-clark, inked again in new orleans.
june physical distance, flag day, moulin rouge.
july pleasure of cleveland, magnetic fields, gehry review, swimming and keeping afloat, crashing and being young.
august turning thirty, eccentric color theory, reshuffling time, five years ago, notes for paul carrigan.
september xx notes.

october contemplations on getting better, writing greg allen, i like to dress up in, tired and nude.
november the writing self, two notes on air anxiety, smiths and their naughty side, lima (somewhere)
december some nights you can't get a break, email (you know), w4 reverie, joy creeping, waiting for me


january fearless, light, cards, coffee rules, taxi reverie, remembering people, tested.
february other time, other blogs, about rock, about love, about artists, about work, about feeling.
march magnetic fields, whitmanville road, sliding, jumping, meeting, savoring inside.
april it's about time you got up, weird moments, iota controversy, it means what it says, is this okay?
may naming-that-eludes, bust me outta here, title TK, sweet and strong.
june the return of bobbie, gary numan, phil, agnosticism, and falling in love with the future.





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